Can you correctly name these 20 world capitals?

Today, we live in a world of globalization, with the ability to connect with people from all corners of our planet. It’s a bit strange to remain uninformed and not even know the capitals of all the world’s countries.

Today, we will dive into geography and try to recall these not-so-obvious capitals. Do you think you’re a geography expert? Were you a top student in school? Well, it’s possible that this quiz might challenge you a bit because only true scholars will be able to provide correct answers to all 20 questions!

Are you sure you remember the school posters with world maps and the flags of all the countries in the world? Of course, the maps were all different, but their main purpose was to introduce us to all the countries in the world.

Naturally, traveling the world has become quite easy and accessible now, which is why many people have started visiting European and global countries more frequently. Of course, the primary souvenir from any country is considered to be a refrigerator magnet! By the way, many people collect personal world maps right from these magnets!

We recommend that you take this quiz on world capitals, answering just 20 questions, to find out how well you remember your school curriculum!


Take an online test: Can you correctly name these 20 world capitals?


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